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The podcast that turns disaster into comedy

Hosts Danielle and Kris and producer Garden Squirrel are joined by a guest each week to share insights on how to survive natural and unnatural disasters. Get practical advice or just an hour of distraction from life’s impending calamities.

Great riffing between Danielle and Kristine

Episodes 23 and 19 had me almost sick I laughed so hard. Love this show for helpful tips and some laughs on my worst days of humaning.


This podcast is so funny, I am always laughing while listening at work. I’ve been listening to an episode every day and now I’m all caught up and I’m sad I have to wait for the next one. Thank you Danielle and Kristine for making me laugh and teaching valuable skills so I don’t die. Much love!

Hot snickerdoodle!

This is the best. Daniel and Kris are hecka for reals. One of the greatest podcasts I’ve ever heard, in my life, on this planet, of the universe. I’m really serious.

Super informative and entertaining

Danielle and Kristine have a great rapport. The stories are fascinating and the guests are awesome. This podcast is a great listen for anyone who likes a documentary vibe with funny hosts.

Great listen!

Simply a funny and informative podcast.

I’m a survivor, word to Destiny’s Child.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified… then, I started listening to this podcast! Now I know how to survive any situation life decides to put me in. All I need is my LifeHammer and the knowledge instilled in me from this podcast and I’ll be good! Lots of laughs, lots of info, and a bonus of Garon every once in a while. Nothing more is needed.

I’m hooked!

This podcast is funny & interesting and I love Danielle’s silly laugh! I’d say it is pretty perfect!

Most def you’ll survive

Such fun and interesting word play on topics, guests are always great! Need more Garon, maybe… not sure!

Remain Calm!

Growing up in the Adirondack mountains, I’ve learned to survive in many various circumstances. However, now I live in New Jersey, in the suburbs, and my wife and kids do not. So after listening to this, I played it for my wife and she loved it! It’s fairly clean, so I feel my kids can listen (they watch PG-13 movies, they’ve heard the language before). I strongly recommend this podcast. Good info and funny… what could be better?

Great Fun!

Love the show. Kristine and Danielle are very funny and the show is entertaining. It feels like if My Favorite Murder covered day to day safety instead of just murders. It’s great and I look forward to it every week!

Save your life and laugh at the same time

Love the friendship between these two ladies and the way they play off each other, they are relatable as they describe themselves in emergency situations and make giving you life saving tips hilarious!

Good fun

My only complaint is that I discovered this podcast too early! I wish I could binge listen to this every day, I love it so much. I feel both more and less prepared for life’s catastrophes than ever before. Shout out to Lady to Lady for introducing me!

This Podcast Might Save Your Life

Very funny, charming, and just the right amount of stupid. This podcast might also save your life.

So fun!!!!

I’ve been a Never Not Funny fan for years & my all-time favorite guest has always been Danielle Koenig! When I heard Danielle was starting her own PC, I was thrilled. And now Danielle brings Kristine into my life? The Pardo-Koenig household may be my official household in America now!!!! Thank you Danielle & Kris!!! I love this podcast very much!!! (PS—> Garon/Garden Squirrel/Gavin/Gannon has been my heart for years too).


My new favorite podcast!


Normally it takes me a few episodes to warm up to a show but I instantly felt like I’ve been listening to these two for years.

My guilty pleasure

I feel like I’m sitting around chatting with the girls when I listen to this podcast. Danielle and Kristine are truly funny, and actually helpful in some cases. I look forward to listening to them each week.

It’s great.

I like this show enough to figure out how to post this rating and review. I think that says something.

Loaded with the funny

Found out about this podcast on Never Not Funny just a few weeks ago, super bummed I'm all caught up already. I like these women so much, so many belly laughs per episode, lovely guests, just clicks my happiness level up every time. Also you learn stuff.

Great Company

Listening to Kristine and Danielle’s podcast is like hanging out with two funny friends that have interesting topics to discuss. All of their guests have been great too. I also appreciate learning about threats I didn’t realize I should fear. I have now purchased a Lifehammer. Survival gear should def be sponsoring these guys!

An absolute delight

Great show, the hosts are hilarious.

The podcast made for me!

I am an incredibly anxious person and I love this podcast because I feel like I really do learn something without making my fears worse. Danielle and Kristine crack me up too!!


Have loved Danielle as a podcast guest for years. So glad she has her own now. And i could listen to Kristine read a phonebook. Both are hilarious. 😀

Sweet and funny girls!

I enjoy How To Survive each week… it’s light, easy, smart and funny. Keep it up Danielle and Kristine! Don’t forget to Laugh, Love and LINE your panties!

Fun and informative!

Love this podcast! So funny and educational!

Love This Show

Wow, this podcast hit the ground running. Every episode is hysterical and (bonus) informative. Danielle and Kristine are terrific together. Moving it to the top of my que. (Queu? Cue? Queueueiue?). Anyway, highly recommend!!!

This podcast brings me joy

Danielle and Christine have funny in their bones and everything about this podcasts showcases that. From great banter to hilarious improv and great guests, this has it all. It’s well produced and has a decent length. I got onto this podcast by listening to other Misfit Toys Comedy Collective podcasts.

Perfect blend of practical and comedy

This is a delightful show with practical info on surviving a particular crisis and a blend of comedy and real life stories that are amazing. If you need a break from true crime and/or guys chatting with each other about ‘80s music (which is an evergreen classic, but most people can’t do it 24/7), Danielle and Kristine are relatable and freaking funny. It feels like having a drink with informative but witty friends who don’t make you feel stupid.

Love it !

I’m only two episodes in and already loving this podcast. Danielle is smart and funny. Christine is so relatable as I’m scared of almost everything too. We should be friends. Minor complaint. The siren in the intro song freaks me all the way out every time as I usually am listening while driving!